We’re Good Noodle

We’re good noodles (people) who use our noodles (brains) to come up with good ideas (noodles) for other good noodles (brands with a cause). We may not sell noodles (pasta), but we do eat them (pasta, not brains).

We’re do creative for cause-driven companies.

Whether you’re committed to a cause, creating hand-made goods, creating awareness, supporting minority populations, are a minority population, are donating a portion of profits to a non-profit, or you are a non-profit, yourself, let’s work together.

Good Noodle’s good noodles

Lauren Beader

Copywriter, Social Media Manager,
Creative Strategist

Hi, I’m Lauren. That’s me, right up there…sort of. I’m a copywriter, social media manager, and video editor with over 8 years of experience writing, and over 25 years of experience eating ice cream. I love plants, sustainability, disability advocacy, chocolate jimmies, and dogs. I also make eco-friendly soy candles. You might know me from my cat’s Instagram or my nonprofit.

Daniel Pye

Art Director, User Experience Designer,
Brand Strategist

Hey there, I’m Dan. That’s also me….sort of. I’m a designer and art director by trade, and a brand advocate by choice. I grew up in Knutsford, England and moved to Swampscott, Massachusetts a few years ago to be with my incredible wife. But don’t worry! I haven’t lost the accent, the love for football (soccer), or the ability to blind taste test and accurately identify all kinds of black tea.

Why work with us?

No guesswork.

We work hard to learn how you work. And how your team works. And your customers, and your prospects, and your industry. Then, we work to craft strategic creative concepts that work for everyone — which is why our work works.

No BS.

We don't believe in the bad stuff. We don't up-sell or sell you on fake services like most other agencies will because ain't nobody got time for that. And, well, because it's bullshit. 

No awards.

Why would we spend hours and hours (and hundreds and hundreds) putting together submissions and submissions for industry award shows that only other agencies care about? (See above.) And more-so, why would we sell you on work that isn't right for you, just because it would win us awards that only other agencies care about? Instead, we'll put all that time, energy, and focus where it matters: building your brand. 

Strategic thinking.

Everything we do is rooted in strategy and impact — whether it's creative concepts, UX, design, social media, SEO, copywriting, video, website creation, emails, or finding the best restaurant to go for dinner.

True representation.

We believe that it's our industry's responsibility to hire and accurately represent all people, of all shapes, sizes, colors, conditions, disabilities, and backgrounds. Because if we normalize and celebrate (!!!) being different, the world will become a more inclusive, more understanding, all-around better place. Questions about our inclusion initiative? Email lauren@goodnoodle.co  

True passion.

We really do love what we do — especially when we work with others who love what they do. Our passion shows in our work, and in your experience working with us. 

And most importantly, a dedication to doing good.

The work that means the most to us is the work that makes the biggest impact. So why would we want to work on anything else? That's why we only work with brands that are tied to a cause. And why we believe so much in the brands we work with, we buy their products and sell them, too.

Good creative for
brands that do good.

What we do

Branding, copywriting, creative strategy, web design, advertising, and more for cause-driven companies. We're an extension of your business — one that goes great with cheese.

Where to find us

dan@goodnoodle.co | +1.781.864.7423

lauren@goodnoodle.co | +1.978.500.4282

Based in Salem, Massachusetts.

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