Good ideas for good brands come from good noodles

Creative services for
cause-driven companies

Whether you’re committed to a cause, creating hand-made goods, creating awareness, supporting minority populations, are a minority population, are donating a portion of profits to a non-profit, or you are a non-profit, yourself, let’s work together. Because we care about brands that care.

What we (really) do

Creative Strategy

What makes the most sense for your brand, in your industry, at this time

Branding & Rebranding

If you need a brand built or refreshed, we’re always happy to help

Copywriting & Design

You need consistency and thoughtfulness in both to grow your brand!

Social Media Strategy

It’s about way more than just a few pictures and captions.

Website & UX Design

From design, to SEO, to development, we’re here to help you stand out.

Want to start something good?

Start a conversation first. You may know what you need, or you may need help getting there. Either way, you’re in luck. We love a good challenge.

Good creative for
brands that do good.

What we do

Branding, copywriting, creative strategy, web design, advertising, and more for cause-driven companies. We're an extension of your business — one that goes great with cheese.

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Based in Salem, Massachusetts.

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